• Strong tower cranes with modern features with spare parts in stock

• Phenomenal prices by far of other competitors have on offer

• Assistance with spares on the Africa Continent

• Greater Monopoly and create a level playing field

• Strong after sales services

• Technical back up

• There are various models of the Sáez Cranes offering high levels of safety and lifting capacities inclusive of luxury features as standard

• Sáez Cranes have a various self-erecting tower crane range including hydraulic luffing jib cranes

• The OEM designs and builds panels to accommodate the African climate


• Our different range of tower cranes are very reliable, but the market is requiring new tower cranes

• We have limitations on the playing fields


• The SA Mining Industry is in high demand to upgrade their tower cranes

• We will have no limitations on the playing fields

• Construction Sites and the Mining Industry are in high demand for bigger cranes

• Builder’s hoists are frequently in demand to upgrade/renovate existing buildings

• Selling Sáez Cranes in this ever-demanding Industry will be the cutting edge of the fast assembly, simplicity, and high endurance of this machine; but it will also have a big impact on growth


• By not being able to compete with our oppositions flooding the market with cheap and poorly manufacture tower cranes

• The negative growth in the business sector in South Africa can have a big impact on the Rand Euro Exchange Rate to import quality products and machines, i.e., Sáez Cranes; hoists, etc

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