Tower Crane Repairs & Tower Crane Maintenance 

Tower Crane Repairs & Tower Crane Maintenance are often looked at as a troublesome expense, when it should be considered a cost saver. If you've ever had a tower crane break down, or been involved in an accident, then you understand why. Finding fully-trained technicians who have the knowledge to spot defects before they happen, who know which tools to use, and who can properly inspect their own welds, is much easier said than done.

That's where GRT Tower Cranes come in. Our ability to provide fully-trained, ready-to-go Tower Crane Repairs & Tower Crane Maintenance service technicians can help you troubleshoot problems, increase uptime, reduce accidents, and extend the life-cycle of your mobile cranes.Call us for your tower crane needs.

For any construction equipment breakdown, our specialized technical team is dedicated to all customers any time of the day. We will gladly assist you on your requirements. Additionally, we offer on-site preventive maintenance by scheduling routine crane repairs, crane maintenance as well as inspections to minimize downtime and optimize productivity.

Our Tower Crane Maintenance 

The frequency at which tower crane maintenance is carried out should be based on the recommendations contained in the manufacture's manual for the crane.

This should however generally be taken as the maximum interval as various factors, including the following may require the maintenance interval to be reduced

• Usage – Double shifting, frequent lifting at or near the Rated Capacity, long hoist ropes and excessive slewing may accelerate wear of all components

• Environment – Corrosive environments such as marine or industrial sites may accelerate corrosion of structural components, fasteners and wire ropes

• Feedback – Feedback from maintenance records and Thorough Examination reports may indicate accelerated rates of wear and deterioration

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