Refurbishment Of Tower Cranes

There are many reasons why crane owners might choose to repair or refurbish a crane rather than buy a new one. The main reason is usually cost. Depending on exactly how much work needs to be done, repairing a damaged crane can be cheaper and quicker than buying a new replacement. There is also the availability of parts to consider. The crane or its parts may no longer be manufactured, making repair or refurbishment the only option. Another factor is user preference. Crane operators become familiar with the machines they have and may be reluctant to try something new, making repair and refurbishment preferable over buying new.

Dedicated to ensuring the safety of ​you and your staff, GRT Tower Cranes provides comprehensive tower crane maintenance schedules on every crane in our fleet and every crane we sell. Our technicians will work with you to ensure your crane is operating safely and prevent costly emergency service.

With a team of factory trained technicians, our inspections and comprehensive preventative maintenance programs are based on federal requirements.


Our PM programs ensure that emergency service and costly surprises are eliminated. We help to you schedule service jobs at a time that makes sense for your company. Manage costs and increase the trade-in value of your tower crane with a preventative maintenance program.


To ensure the safety of our customers we perform comprehensive rental inspections on all tower cranes that are checked-in or checked-out of our fleet. Before a rental tower crane arrives on site everything from structure and hardware to counter weights and block assemblies have been inspected.

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