Potain Tower Cranes

Potain has led the world in tower crane and self-erecting crane production since its inception in La Clayette, France, in 1928. More than 100,000 Potain cranes have been sold and installed on some of the most prestigious job sites around the world. The company offers more than 60 models in a variety of product ranges.

Since its inception in La Clayette, France, in 1928, Potain has been the world leader in tower crane production, boasting more than 100,000 cranes sold and installed around the world. Today, the company produces more than 60 models from manufacturing plants in France, Italy, Portugal, India and China.

Potain represents a variety of product ranges designed for different applications, which are then sold through the worldwide Manitowoc dealer network.

Potain produces three families of tower cranes. The smallest cranes of the Potain range are the self-erecting cranes, ranging from 1,0 t (1.1 US t) to 7,98 t (8.8 USt) capacity. Higher and bigger are the top slewing cranes, varying from 7,98 t (8.8 USt) to 64 t (70.5 USt) capacity. These are also the largest custom-designed special application cranes which reach capacities of 160 t (176 USt).

Innovations include the Ultraview Cab, the CCS new driving controls and the LVF range of hoists. The company's growing reputation has widened its appeal with Potain units. Potain cranes are not only found on traditional construction sites but are also assisting in dam building projects, power stations, shipbuilding yards and bridge building projects.

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