PINGON-PINTERNAL is a reliable group of companies dedicated to design, manufacture and commercialize tower cranes intended for construction and other applications.

Established in 1959, in Lazkao (Gipuzkoa), it is the pioneer company to introduce tower cranes into the Spanish construction sector, and therefore, one of the leading manufacturers all over the world.

PINGON was set up to alter and change the production methodology used in construction, creating a revolutionary machine, the “tower crane”. Offering this way new solutions to the construction sector agents and developing the society.

By the mid 60s, the workshop was renovated and the facilities were improved to adapt to the new requirements. In the 70s, the company already had 3 factories and continued adjusting the production facilities to the market needs.

In 1959 Comevasa, the original company of the present group undertook the process of manufacturing the “P10” tower crane model in serial production, creating and developing the “P” range as a consequence. Meanwhile, the S range was created and in the early 70s the production of the Z range started, which was used in most of the residential edification and civil works all over the world.

Since the 70s and 80s the presence of Pingon-Pinternal brand in international market increased considerably due to the internationalization philosophy of the company.

Pingon-Pinternal has several commercial and well trained technical subsidiary branches in domestic and international markets so as to be closer to the customers and attend their needs efficiently.

All the machinery fits the European Machinery Directive, and it is commercialized under its corresponding EC conformity label, adapting the production and quality processes according to this Standard

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